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  • Denis Aslangil, Rahul Rajendran, Rinosh Polavarapu and Zach Farley attend the APS-DFD at Denver (CO). Prof. Banerjee chairs a session in Rayleigh Taylor Instability.
  • Prof. Banerjee is awarded a new 3-year grant from NSF to study impact of free-stream turbulence on tidal turbines. Read abstract here. News Feature on Tidal Energy Today can be found here.
  • Prof. Banerjee, Ashwin Vinod and Angela Lawrence attend the 12th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference in Cork, Ireland (8/2018)
  • Prof. Banerjee, Denis Aslangil and Ashwin Vinod attend the European Turbulence Conference in Stockholm, Sweden (8/2017)
  • Prof. Banerjee is assigned as an Associate Editor for ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering (7/2017-6/2020)
  • Prof. Banerjee was awarded the Eleanor and Joseph F. Libsch Early Career Research Award by Lehigh University for his work in modeling flow behavior in complex systems (5/2017).
  • Andrew Auvil completes all requirements for a Master of Science Degree in MEM. Andrew's thesis is titled: "Effect of Strip-thickness and damping on Flow-induced motions of a circular cylinder" (5/2017).
  • Prof. Ian Masters (Swansea University) visits Lehigh University (5/2017)
  • Ashwin Vinod is awarded the William G. Harrach Fellowship by MEM (Lehigh) for academic year for Fall 2017.
  • Ashwin Vinod, Angela Lawrence, Sudarshan Kalidoss and Prof. Banerjee attend Marine Energy Technology Symposium at Washington DC (5/2017)
  • Prof. Banerjee attends the 2017 SSAP Annual Symposium at Chicago, IL (4/2017)
  • Prof. Banerjee is assigned as a Guest Associate Editor for ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering (4/2017-6/2017)
  • Angela Lawrence is the recepient of the prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (3/2017)
  • Prof. Banerjee is awarded a grant from Los Alamos National Laboratory to study the effects of material strength on Rayleigh Taylor Instability (2/2017)
  • Denis Aslangil is admitted to PhD candidacy. Congratulations Denis! (1/2017)

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