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Current News

  • Denis Aslangil presents invited talk at COMUEX (Center of Mixing Under Extreme Conditions) at LANL (9/2018).
  • Prof. Banerjee receives NSF-INTERN supplements that would allow two graduate students to work with collaborators at LANL (Daniel Livescu) and Verdant Power (Jonathan Colby). 
  • EWTEC paper on "Tidal turbine performance and wake characterization under yaw" selected for publication in the special inaugural issue of International Marine Energy Journal (Open Access). Congrats to Pranav Modali. The issue will feature 8-10 papers from the conference that have been highly recommended by the reviewers (8/2018).
  • Ashwin Vinod is awarded the Walker Fellowship for Fall 2017. Congratulations Ashwin (7/2018).
  • Denis Aslangil's conference paper on High Atwood Number Effects on Buoyancy Driven Turbulence is selected for a platform presentation at iTi2018 conference in Italy (7/2018).
  • Denis Aslangil and Rinosh Polavarapu present their research at the International Workshop of Compressible Turbulent Mixing at Marseille, France (7/2018)
  • Pranav Modali and Sudharsan Kalidoss successfully complete their Ph.D. General Exam. Congratulations to both of them! (6/2018)
  • Kumar Swagat and Angela Lawrence complete all requirements of M.S. Thesis. Congratulations to both of them! (5/2018)
  • Ashwin Vinod and Prof. Banerjee attend the Marine Energy Technology Symposium (METS) at Washington D.C. (4/2018)
  • Prof. Banerjee is assigned as an Editorial Board Member for Journal of Renewable Energy on the sub-area of Hydro Systems (3/2018)
  • Prof. Banerjee attends the 2018 SSAP Annual Symposium at Rockville, MD (2/2018)
  • Prof. Banerjee is awarded a grant from Los Alamos National Laboratory to study the effects of material strength on Rayleigh Taylor Instability (1/2018)

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