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Welcome to the Prof. Banerjee's Turbulent Flow Design Group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics at Lehigh University. Our interest/expertise lies in multi-scale fluid-dynamics with emphasis on energy- and biological- systems. The research goal of our group is to enhance the limited understanding of fundamental issues related to space and scale interactions in turbulent flows. The current research topics include:

  • Fluid dynamics in extreme environments - understanding hydrodynamics of inertial confinement fusion (Rayleigh Taylor Instability),
  • Renewable energy applications: River/Tidal and Wave energy harvesting, and,
  • Computational Pulmonary Therapeutics: Pulmonary drug delivery under different mechanical ventilation conditions.

Our long term research goal is to understand fundamental issues related to space and scale interactions in turbulent flows. Financial support for these efforts comes from the National Science Foundation (NSF Career Award, CyberSEES, GOALI and unsolicited grants), Department of Energy (Stewardship Science Academic Alliance), Los Alamos National Laboratory and Office of Naval Research.

About Lehigh University:

Lehigh University is a premier residential research university, ranked in the top 40 of national research universities each year. We are a coeducational, nondenominational, private university that offers a distinct academic environment of undergraduate and graduate students from across the globe. Located in Pennsylvania's scenic Lehigh Valley, the campus is in close proximity to both New York City (60 minutes) and Philadelphia (45 minutes). Lehigh is comprised of 2,358 acres, making it one of the largest private universities in the country.

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